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5 Tips to recording a good voice over ..

June 14, 2016

Delivering your voice over well can make your project and cut down on editing time. Here are top tips to ensure your voice over session goes well. 

1) Be familiar with your script.

Being sure about what you are saying will help you feel relaxed, and deliver the script fluidly. 

2) Enunciate. 

We know – it’s not cool. But speaking clearly, with correct pronunciation ensures that your script will be clear alongside background music or sound effects. 

3) Slow down. 

Most of us think much faster than we speak, and speak much faster than is necessary for a good voice over. Breathe, stay calm and slow down. Your words per minute will reflect the mood of your project, however The BBC recommend a broadcasting rate of 160-180 words per minute for radio, which can be used as a guide. 

4) Modulate. 

Don’t be too shy to be a bit more tuneful than you would be in everyday speech. Explore your natural higher and lower tones and how they suit your script. 

5) Speak confidently. 

Being well prepared as in tip #1 will help you avoid hesitation, ums and ahs. Own your space, know your project and deliver with confidence. 

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