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A ukulele lullaby

October 19, 2019

Lovely group session had today with an old student who has not been to us for a few years. She popped in to try a different style of playing and brought a friend of hers. Having been busy with her boat and her business, she’s not played much ukulele in the last three year’s or so. Sometimes I think that can be harder for people to return after a long break than starting from scratch, because you have the memory of how well you played before you stopped.

Still, we had a couple of hours this morning to try something new, with a new friend to boot. Within two hours we’d covered reading tablature correctly and the common pitfalls, an introduction to correct finger discipline on both hands, and played two tunes. One being Brahms’ Lullaby. Both ladies were thrilled to have tried something new and had tangible new skills they could take away with them.

We always love seeing our alumni return for the odd session, to help with what they’re up to now, or to reignite the passion and get them started again if they’ve stalled for whatever reason.

Lovely morning had by all 🎶

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