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Ben Graham reflects on his journey so far..

August 6, 2017

Ben is one of our younger students, who has a real flare for music. He has worked extremely hard in his learning career so far and will go a long way. He has written about his experience so far for you..

“Hello, my name is Ben Graham and I’ve been a member of Igloo Music since 2013 and my experience here has been overwhelmingly positive. I have been mainly going to Igloo to have guitar lessons, but over the years, I have gone to different events including recently, playing live at Waterlooville Music Festival.


I go to Igloo twice a month to have guitar lessons and I have a brilliant time there. Chris Wood is an one of a kind teacher that you will just not find anywhere else in the world. His method of teaching caters to your needs as he can teach one thing in multiple different ways, and he is always enthusiastic to whatever task you want to achieve, making him an brilliant teacher. But it isn’t just his teaching that makes the lessons great; you can have a laugh with him which makes the lessons amazing.

Jam Nights

The Jam Nights are a great way to perform live infront of people, happening once every other month; you can perform what you have been learning and get feedback from friendly faces. The Jam Nights also make you feel part of the Igloo Community as you get to know a lot of new people and make friends with them. At the end of the night, you play loads of songs with everyone from Jam Books and its great fun.

Live Performances

Igloo gave me a great opportunity in June 2017, allowing me to perform live at Waterlooville Music Festival. This was very exciting for me as this was my first performances on the street. This was a very positive experience for me and it has helped me gain confidence when I now perform live.

Dielle & Chris

Dielle and Chris are two of the best people who have given me multiple opportunities throughout my time at Igloo. They are very enthusiastic in everything that they do which results in everything they do being a high quality, which it improves the experience you get. Both of them are very friendly and you can have a good laugh with them. If you are considering getting music lessons, or doing group work e.g. Choir, then go here as the atmosphere is brilliant and they make you feel part of the Igloo Community and you get an amazing, positive experience where you would just not find anywhere else.


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