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Bob’s Wager..

August 15, 2017

Bob has been an Igloo regular for many years, and his most recent musical venture has been singing. Here’s how it came about!

“I first join Igloo Music around 2009, primarily to learn the guitar. I had always wanted to play, but many years ago at the age of 14, I couldn’t Learn In A Day as Bert Wheedon suggested so I simply didn’t bother! But that all changed the day I started with Igloo Music around 2009.

Along with two other hopefuls we started a 10 week Foundation Course which taught how to hold the thing correctly, strumming techniques and simple chords. It culminated in an evening performance to friends and family, showcasing both guitar students and vocalists.

Now some years later I have been a member of a 4 piece band, playing at Open Mics and regularly performing at charity functions and part of the Igloo Band

Regarding the choir activities, this resulted in a bet from another member of the Igloo Band. The bet was, if I joined the choir, she (Hayley) would learn the guitar. Not one to shirk a challenge, I duly joined and never looked back. Incidentally, Hayley has learned the guitar and is now accompanying herself when she sings. Again all as a result of Igloo Music.

Being in the choir has now introduced me to other like minded people who enjoy singing but thought it was only for the shower! So we are now a group of people who can confidently say that we are singers. This new skill has prompted me to be the lead vocal in Igloo’s Electric Rock and Blues group as well as occasionally singing solo at Open Mics.

Thank you Igloo for opening up this avenue of enjoyment.”

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