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Choosing Music for Your Corporate Video

February 17, 2017

From concept to completion, there are many considerations to make when creating your video.
To get your message across effectively, you may need to choose some music for your project. A good or bad selection of music can greatly enhance or detract from the success of your final product, so make sure you give it full consideration from the earliest stages. Here are three top tips integral to the success of your selection.

1) Who is your target market and what engages them?

The golden rule of marketing – who are you trying to reach? Broadly speaking, what is their demographic? What sort of thing do you think might engage them? If you’re not sure, think about what radio stations they might listen to. If you still can’t be certain, consult with the producer of your project and take advice, but keep the target audience in mind with every decision you make.

2) How do you want your target audience to feel when they watch the video?

Is it an urgent message? Do want the client to feel reassured they can use and trust a new product? Are you trying to motivate them? Unsettle them? Shock them even?

“Where words fail, music speaks” Hans Christian Anderson

Humans are attuned to music at a very primal level. Let the music emphasise your message, rather than just fill a silence or, worse still, detract from it.

3) Your personal musical tastes do not matter.

This is the hardest lesson. Whether you personally like Frank Sinatra, Adele or Metallica is irrelevant. Sorry. For the full success of your project, you have to detach your personal musical tastes, and consider what best serves your project and above all your message to your target audience.

So give it some thought early on, think about your audience, and if you’re not sure, take advice.


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