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Drum Beats Download – for Guitarists (click to download)">Drum Beats Download – for Guitarists (click to download)

August 18, 2013

Drum Beats Download – For Guitarists

Drum Beats DownloadThis collection of 14 drum loops ranges from 60bpm to 80bpm, to give guitarists something musical to play along with to keep time. Developing a good sense of rhythm is essential for all musicians, and by using this drum beats download, you will enjoy it more than using a plain click track or metronome.

Choose from a range of different styles of drums, from rock, pop, R&B, dance, Motown, and funky percussion. Play along with the drums to practice technique, or use them to help you keep time when playing songs.

All together, this drum beats download consists of an hour’s worth of varying drum tracks, in 60bpm, 65bpm, 70bpm, 75bpm and 80bpm.

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