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Left Handed Guitar Players

May 7, 2014

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Being left handed can often put people off learning to play guitar. Not least because left handed instruments are fewer, further between and generally more expensive. Here are a few resources we have come across that our lefties have found useful.

Here is a series of left handed guitars, both acoustic and electric, from Yamaha to Gibson, starting from £199. If it’s any consolation, we recommend that our righties spend around £100-£200 on their first guitar from a similar range. You will get great service and be well looked after at this store. (Mention Igloo for the best deal:).

A book we have come across via our students that seems to be very helpful and well laid out is entitled ‘Left Handed Guitar The Complete Method’ by Troy Stetina. ISBN is 0-634-03008-6 Publisher Hal Leonard. Click here to see it on Amazon. Last time we checked, it was selling for around £7.

We always have a few lefties in he company, so you’re not alone, and we do sympathise! Contact us for more information on guitar lessons with Igloo Music.

Happy Lefty Strumming!

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