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  Sometimes restrictions can guide your ideas in a particular direction. Use this exercise to guide you, creating a song with a very specific format, use a lot in rock…


  ‘Personification’ is the attribution of a personality or character to an inanimate object. What objects are personal to you? Use this technique to help you write more interesting lyric.


  Getting started is not the problem for some songwriters, but getting things finished. This simple 'Perspectives' technique can help you pull ideas together and sew up that first draft.


Breathing Exercises for Singing Really informative - I'm devouring it!" Vivien This book of breathing exercises for singing has been developed to address some of the obstacles many singers encounter…


This exercise helps singers to develop the ability to jump large gaps between notes.


"The exercise CD has proved really useful and is a good tool and guide to use when practicing alone." Johanna


This breathing exercise helps develop support muscles needed for great singing. Please do not do this exercise when driving - it can make you dizzy to start with.


Sirening is a fantastic way to extend vocal range, improve vocal strength and improve connectivity throughout your whole range.


This warm up is great to help you reduce tension and sing without straining. Start with this if you've had a stressful day. Also finish with this as an effective…


This track can be used to practice strumming Eminor and Aminor chords along with piano, bass and singing. Play 4 bars of Eminor then 4 Bars of Aminor. Also for…

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