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Short Bass Course £91

January 6, 2017

This quick injection of training is a flexible package of bass lessons covering a treasure trove of powerful bass knowledge. Three sessions are private coaching which can be scheduled at your convenience before the end of March. The group session is on 19th of January 2017.

1) Funk & disco – get a shot of insight into the techniques and crucial role of the bass in this genre.

2) Maintain your bass – user friendly and useful information about how to care for your gear. Includes pitfalls and warning signs for when your basses need attention.

3) Jazz -explore the requirements for bass in this incredible genre of music, that will develop your musicality beyond popular repertoire.

4) Groove Masterclasses (group session) play together with drummers to explore the nuances of groove, enhance band skills, develop your ability to communicate with a drummer and solidify a rhythm section.

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