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Singing just lights me up…

August 30, 2017

“I think my Mum

sang to me when I was in the womb, and she certainly played fantastic music when I was tiny. My parents and grandparents all made music and sang when I was small and growing up. I think I joined the school choir when I was 5, and just loved it. Music has always been an interest of mine, but I just fell in love with singing. Doing it, listening to it, and helping others to do it. This has stayed with me throughout my life, and what I really love to do now is sing in harmony with a small group. I love hearing the beauty of each individual voice, singing from the heart, gelled beautifully with the voices around it. It’s a connection like no other I have ever experienced – it just lights me up.

One of the greatest highlights

of my time with Igloo has been enabling other people discover this joy. There’s something primal about it. You don’t have to be ‘good’, or ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’ (which I don’t really believe is a thing anymore anyway by the way). If you want to try, you really, really should. Don’t let your perception of what the end result ‘should’ be put you off starting.

Enjoy the magic when you sing. Feel the music coming out of your body. The ability to do that at all, is the gift of being human.”

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