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Singing Lessons Hampshire 2.1


“Vocal Keep Fit is a really fun and relaxed group and great for maintaining vocal fitness and ensuring that techniques are used properly.  My singing has definitely improved!” Johanna





Singing Lessons Hampshire 3.1


“I really enjoy Vocal Keep Fit – I like learning tips to improve my singing and also it good to challenge what you can do. Support in a group is good too.”  Hayley

Vocal Keep Fit – Singing Lessons

Join this fun group singing lesson to develop your vocal technique and get the best out of your voice. This is a perfect follow on group from the 6 week beginners course – click here for details on the beginners’ group. Singing Lessons Hampshire

The key to advancement with singing is technical practice. Unfortunately, this is the driest and most boring part of learning to sing, and maintaining the level of fitness you have achieved. If you are a complete beginner and do not know how to sing with support, please try our beginners course first!

These group singing lessons take these essential skills and makes it fun by exercises together in groups and making time in our busy schedules to hone, polish and develop our technique. We sing some songs too! Song suggestions are taken from the group and time is also used to learn choir material or chorus material for upcoming shows.

If you’re not a total beginner, but you would like to work on improving your technique, call us to discuss suitability. This might be the group for you  – for improvers and intermediate singers who have a grasp of the basics, but want to continue learning, maintain and develop vocal fitness.

Gain confidence, technical skills and friends. 60 minute group singing sessions near Wickham.

Twice a month.

Venue : Igloo HQ
Times : Mondays 7pm-8pm

Open to : Ages 18+ (but most people are much older than that – average age range late 20s – 50+)
Cost : From £25 membership, min 3 month membership (instructional sessions of 60mins twice a month)