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Six Years Of Igloo for Hayley

June 28, 2018

The day of the first session I was so nervous…

“When I first joined Igloo I signed up to the 6 week singing for beginners course, that in its self was a brave step, I had always wanted to do singing lessons but was too scared and embarrassed to even sing in front of my family. To be honest in my mind I was thinking if I go and I’m really uncomfortable then I just won’t go back.

When the day of the first session arrived I was so nervous, wondering-what if there’s loads of people who are really good singers? What if I have to audition? What if no one else is as terrified as me? But right from the very first time my worries were put aside, there was no auditions, I was a part of a group of 6 people all at a similar singing level to me and they were feeling just as self-conscious.

Dielle made us all feel very welcome and relaxed.

We did everything as a group so nobody felt on the spot. Igloo has a very unique way of teaching and supporting you and the sense of achievement helps you to continue to set new goals and reach new highs.


I joined Igloo 6 years ago and I’ve come a long way since those very first singing lessons, I now sing in the Igloo Choir, The big Igloo band, sing solos ,and even join in with song writing, these are all things I would never been able to do without the guidance and support I have had from the Igloo team. I have even taken guitar lessons and recently reached an ambition I’ve had since I was about 8 years old, to sing and accompany myself with guitar! yay! I have also been able to go ahead and take on the job I’ve wanted to do for a long time; I now run singing/music sessions for children 0-4 years, again the techniques and confidence I have gained from Igloo made this achievable.

A Brilliant Bunch…

It can’t go unsaid that through Igloo I have met a bunch of brilliant, supportive people; people who share a common interest in music but also have a passion for fun and laughter (fancy dress is a regular occurrence). Everyone remembers how it feels to be the newbie and so the group ensures new members feel welcome. For us music is an outlet and time out from day to day routine, we quite often message each other with a count down of how many sleeps it is until we can have a ‘sing-song’!


The opportunities I have been given to perform have been brilliant, we often go to charity events and fayres but one of my favourite places we often visit is an adult special needs home, they respond so differently to the music compared to other audiences, some can’t clap but you can see the enjoyment in their eyes and hear it in the sounds they make, I like sharing music to make others happy.

Feel Good

My daughter is also an Igloo piano student, her lessons are always personalised to her progression and she has a lot of input in what she learns, and is always praised lots for her achievements.
Dielle once told me that when you have learnt the technique then ‘singing should feel good’ and she was right, singing does feel good and being part of Igloo feels good too!”

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