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The desire to create..

June 15, 2017

Creativity and technical skill

Over the years we have worked with people of all ages, backgrounds and ranges of experience. One observation is that the desire to create is in no way related to technical skill. Just because you’re experienced and adept musically doesn’t mean you will want to write songs, and the desire to write songs will not be quashed by not having any musical training.

Both of these things are fluid, and if you are on one side of that situation, you can cross over. You can develop the desire to create, and you can develop musical, vocal and songwriting skills. If you want to.

Don’t question yourself

If you have the desire to create, don’t question it, just get yourself a little note pad and start jotting your ideas down. Don’t worry about making full songs straight away, just collect your ideas as they come to you and start to build up a library of thoughts. If you have melodic ideas, you can really easily record them into your phone now, don’t worry about the quality, as long as you can understand what your idea was.

If you don’t have the desire to create, then, err, why are you reading this?…..? 🙂 No seriously, there’s nothing wrong with that – it takes all sorts to make a world.

Do you desire the desire to create?

This can be a very frustrating feeling for people, when they feel like they’s want to do something but have absolutely no idea how to start, or fundamentally believe that they should not. I’m here to tell you, if you have that thought, you absolutely have the right to nourish that part of yourself, and enjoy it. Humans are creative beings – some in the traditional sense of painting, dancing, acting and singing etc – others in less obvious ways. But every time you solve a problem, you are being creative. It is how we have survived as a species, so it is not unusual at all that you feel that niggle, however quiet. don’t suppress it – allow yourself to explore it and don’t judge yourself.

Do’s and don’ts of the desire to create.

1) Don’t suppress the urge to create
2) Don’t judge yourself for wanting to
3) Don’t judge what you do create
4) Do be aware that all ideas are stepping stones to other ideas, whether each idea is intrinsically valuable or not
5) Do understand that not everyone will get it, and let people have their own opinions without taking it to heart
6) Do get yourself a system of recording your ideas as they come to you

Be open minded and just let it happen!

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