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Tips for the time-poor nation..

August 3, 2018

In a recent poll we took in our free Facebook group (Learning Music Later In Life) members mentioned that the biggest barrier to learning for them was finding time.

This is an issue we’ve noticed here at Igloo, whilst it’s always been a problem, has become more so in the last 5 years. People used to have a lot more time.


Here are a few quick tips and some food for thought.
If you’re not having lessons

    • Have a think about how important learning music is to you. Really. If it’s just an idle daydream, then just don’t worry about it. If it’s more than that, have a think about 5 minutes here and there you could learn a snippet of a new skill.
    • If you’d like to learn an instrument, leave it out somewhere handy – get a wall hanger for your guitar for example – just grab a few minutes here and there playing a couple of notes 🎶 it all adds up.
    • Just do it and don’t judge progress. Don’t get hung up on ‘where is this going?’ Just enjoy it in the moment – making a few noises and the fact that you’re doing it. The rest will come.
    • Learn to deal with frustration. It’s a part of learning anything and letting it get the better of you is not constructive. You’re right – it is frustrating – sometimes being right is not constructive either.

If you are having lessons

  • All of the above
  • Keep your targets between lessons small, and fun! Ask for help with setting these goals.
  • Keep nibbling away at it. Just keep at it.
  • Focus on your longer term goals rather than getting bogged down with week to week progress. You will not always improve on last week, but if you look back over a period of months, you will see how far you’ve come.
  • Steady progress is still progress and leads to skills for life.

Be patient and kind to yourself, persevere and above all, try to enjoy it!

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