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“Barney started learning at the age of 6, and after nearly a year, progressed onto guitar very easily.

The ukulele is a fantastic instrument to introduce children to music, and for parents to find out how interested the kids really are without spending lots of money on an instrument.

A beginner Uke is approximately £20-£25, compared with a decent child’s guitar of at least £50, or more expensive instruments like keyboards and violins and so on.

Children learn the basic language of music that is common to all instruments on this small, fun instrument, and can take that knowledge with them wherever they go in life. We believe in giving children a good experience of learning music, and the opportunity to enjoy something new.

Music is a gift for life, and we focus on building confidence, self esteem, and a love of the arts, rather than solely exam results and academic achievements.”

DiElle, Director.

Ukulele Lessons For Children

Our private ukulele lessons for children are a great way to introduce your child to music! 

Ukulele Lessons For Children

You’re child will benefit from 1 on 1 with our tutors, instant feedback, fast progression, flexible content and personal direction. Your child can choose the songs they learn, under the guidance of our tutors and come at a time that suits you.

Ukulele lessons for children are fun and flexible. We do not pressurise children, or overwhelm them with knowledge, rather we aim to inspire them to enjoy music, and encourage them to ‘play’ in between lessons, rather than setting official ‘homework’. Very young students may need support from their parents to do this, at least to begin with. 

We usually recommend a 30min lesson for children or primary school age, and 60 for secondary school age, however this can be flexible depending on the individual. Children can begin, if agreed suitable for the individual child by both the parent and tutor, from the age of 6. We will play a range of styles of child friendly songs and teach the core elements of music with simple introductory materials and exercises. We will also recommend other books and materials as suitable to your child.

Learn to enjoy music quickly, with ukulele lessons for children.

Venue : Igloo HQ (please contact for directions)
Times : Saturday daytimes
Open to : Ages 6-16 (please consult the office for suitability for your child)
Cost : 
From £16 a lesson, packages available per term