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Vocal Variety Workshop Leaders – 14th April 2019

March 28, 2019



Simon Cattermole, our shanty singer, first came across sea shantying while living in Malaysia as a child. His dad was chasing pirates around the South China Sea while there with the navy, and Simon developed an affinity for all sorts of nautical things as a result – even living by the sea for good measure.

Spells on boats of all sorts helped develop his sea legs and sea lungs; being able to sing and walk at the same time on a rollicking deck is a considerable skill. Simon likes his shanties a bit rough around the edges, as they are working songs after all, so come prepared with your tankards and grog!



Introducing Lorraine Howden
“Hi! My name is Lorraine and I am Musical Director of Solent Sounds Chorus. I was first introduced to the chorus in 1991 (where have all those years gone?) whilst waiting for my children to come out of school by one of the Mums who belonged to Solent Sounds, and I haven’t looked back since. I started singing Lead and very soon I became Section Leader and Treasurer, as well as being a part of the first registered quartet in the chorus, called Spinnaker. I was Assistant Director for six months before becoming Co-Director with Sian Jones in 1997. Sadly, Sian passed away in 2002 and I have been Director since then. I now enjoy singing Tenor in a Quartet called Chatterbox.

I started singing from as young as seven. My family all belonged to the Salvation Army and my Mum and uncles, along with their families (fourteen of us) and I, used to go out as a group and sing. When I was about fourteen, I became Assistant Director of the Young People’s Choir, so I guess that Solent Sounds is just a ‘grown-up’ step from my younger days!


What words of wisdom would I offer a new member? Just give it your all…………. And enjoy! Barbershop has so much to offer – lots of education, confidence-building, fun and some great friendships – we only have to take that step!”


Hang onto your hats for Becki’s musical theatre workshop!

“Becki Short is an experienced and qualified singing teacher, with a strong background in Musical Theatre. She runs her own youth theatre school in Southsea, along with a number of other groups for both the young and old. She has performed in many musicals over the years, and has coached numerous students to perform in musicals, as well as acting as Musical Director for a number of groups.”



DiElle, singer-songwriter from Wickham, is a creative and has been singing for as long as she can remember, starting with family at a very young age. Traveling in her younger years gave her a passion for music from all over the world.

Now director of Igloo Music and the Igloo Choir, DiElle has a passion for a wide variety of music, and for teaching to enhance quality of life. Since founding Igloo Music in 2009, DiElle has taught hundreds of local musicians and singers, and prides herself on teaching tangible skills students can take away and apply immediately.

“I was really nervous but Di made me feel so comfortable in that first session – I loved the course and learned how to use my very ordinary voice to be able to sing.” Sarah

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