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You Can Learn To Sing – The Journey From Zero To One

June 10, 2020

Module 1: Up and Downiness

Hi I’m Dielle and welcome to my singing course, the Journey From Zero To One.

I’ll take you through those key first steps to get you moving from not being able t work on your singing at all to being on a pathway, with a good habit in place that actually helps you to improve your singing.

Generally I find people have a variety of concerns. You might not have all of these concerns, you might find that one thing applies to you more than something else, but this is a ‘catch-all’ course.

Module 1

‘Up and Downiness’

This is what I call the concern about being able to control pitch in your voice

  • being able to make it go higher or lower
  • coming up against a wall very quickly; not being able to go up very far or down very far before you feel like you’ve lost control
  • issues of tuning; people who worry that they’re singing ‘sharp’ or ‘flat’ –  we’ll come back to that later to make sure we all know exactly what that means.

All of that stuff about how to just control your voice more and be able to move across those undulating melodies that we see in songs all over the place.  

This module helps you to start navigating around your voice with greater ease, and getting your voice in shape.

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