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Five things you should know about joining The Igloo Choir..

June 5, 2017

1) No Auditions

You do not need to have any experience singing. There are no auditions and choir members are never encouraged to compete against each other in any way. All you need is a willingness to try and an understanding that learning to be in a group like this is a process. A sense of humour is also essential.

2) You Will Be Welcome

We are a friendly and welcoming group. Some groups can seem or feel a bit unapproachable, but our group is very welcoming. Everyone remembers what it is like to be new, and you will be welcomed with open arms. It’s true we are a close group as we have worked very hard and spent a lot of time together, but there is always room for new lovely people to join us on this creative journey.

3) Buddy up

You will be paired with a buddy. Someone in your section will be allocated to make sure you know what’s going on, and you have someone to ask questions of. You are of course welcome to ask the director as well if you would like to.

4) Every Voice Counts

Every voice counts in our choir. You will be missed when not there and, in time, you will provide an integral part of the sound we produce as a group. If you want to be in a group where you can stand at the back, mime and hide, this group is not for you. We want you to sing, be heard and be seen. We will make room for you, and support and encourage you to fill that space.

5) Learn to sing!

It is possible to learn to sing, and it is possible to learn to sing in harmony. You need to understand that it is a process. As you sing more, your sound will improve because your singing muscles will get stronger. The more rehearsals you attend and apply yourself to, the more your hearing will open up and you will appreciate the group sound as a whole. Be patient and kind to yourself and allow that learning to take place. The more time you do it, the easier it gets. Try to enjoy the learning process!

If you’d like to be in a group where you really matter, get in touch!


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