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“Chris, I’m the one who should be talking about your enthusiasm. It’s infectious and I loved you doing theory and the styles of different bassists in our lessons” Tony

“Chris opened not only my ears to the notes within the music but also to the texture, timbre and rhythm. As a fifty-plus year old bassist, this came as something of a shock but also a great a joy to discover what I had been missing in the music for so long.” Twig

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Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass guitar is a key part of any band. Although they don’t know it, that groove is what gets people dancing. A good bass player can make or break a band and does farm more than simply add the notes at the bottom of the spectrum. As part of the rhythm section, the bass guitar drives the music, supports the harmony and creates the solid foundation upon which, the whole musical piece sits. Through bass guitar lessons with Igloo Music UK, you will not only be learning from a tutor at the top of their field, but also will have the opportunity to come to our exclusive jam nights and join other groups within the company. Bass guitar is a group instrument in the main and having bass guitar lessons here mean you will be supported through the learning process and given suitable opportunities to show off your newly discovered skills.

“Chris is a tutor of the highest standard – having run a training company ourselves for many years, we recognise quality when we see it.” Anne and Mark Click here to read more about our expert bass guitar coach Chris Wood.


“Chris is a really relaxed and friendly guy, his enthusiasm is infectious, and he’s really helped me to find and develop my own style. My listening skills have improved dramatically as a result, an important skill for any musician. I’ve achieved Rockschool grade 8 under Chris’s tuition.”

Adam Welch

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Keeping good time is an essential part of being a bass player. Playing along to a drum beat can be more enjoyable than using a metronome or click track as it is much more musical.




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