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Funk Bass Guitar Lessons

“I don’t know what I’m gonna play next….. but whatever it is, it’s GOT to be funky!” – James Brown

Funk Bass Guitar Lessons 2History

Funk music emerged in the late 1960s when gospel and R&B bands moved away from complex chord changes and focused on a repeating drum beat and a regular, often syncopated bass line. Bass players were suddenly promoted to the front of the band and the emphasis on rhythm and feel were brought to the fore.

Bands such as The Meters, Graham Central Station and Grand Funk Railroad influenced many artists and paved the way for later disco acts such as Chic with the mighty Bernard Edwards on bass. James Brown had a young 19 year old bass player called Bootsy Collins in his band and Bootsy went on to be one of the purveyors of funk who took the genre in new directions with acts such as Parliament, Funkadelic and his own Rubber Band.


Funk bass guitar lessons with Chris encompass this musical history lesson as well as looking at taking your bass playing on a rhythmic roller coaster. You will be looking at down-beats, off-beats, pushes and pulls as well as deconstructing some of the greatest funk tracks of all times. You will learn how to really ‘feel’ the beats and all the in-between beats that give funk music it’s characteristic sound and hard-driving feel.You will also look at the unique sound and effects used in funk such as envelope filters and octavers. You will learn how to take your bass playing to the next level and how to lead the band rather than follow.

So if you remember the 1970s, long for those disco days or even if you weren’t there first time around, book some funk bass lessons with Chris today and get your funk on!!


Venue : Igloo HQ
Times : Mon-Thurs evenings until 9.30pm, Tues-Frid 10.30am-4pm, Saturday daytimes
Open to : Ages 6-96  (assessment for suitability for younger students may be necessary)
Cost : From £16 a lesson, packages available