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Where can I get a better ukulele? Hobgoblin music

March 14, 2017

 Getting off the starting blocks on the ukuele..


Here at Igloo we take huge pride in getting people started on their musical journeys. We work with people of all ages to begin learning an instrument or to sing. As far as ukulele goes, it’s a great instrument to get started on – it’s fun, it’s relatively quick to learn compared to other instruments, and inexpensive to get one of your own. Getting a cheapish instrument to see if you are going to like it or not is completely natural – you don’t want to be stuck with something you spent a lot of money on, if you really don’t enjoy learning it. However, for those that do really take to it, they outgrow their beginner ones quite quickly more often than not.

So once people have decided that they have got the bug, and they would like to continue playing the uke, we often have the conversation of replacing their instrument. Where can I get a better uke? I want to try a few – maybe a baritone would be better? (and so on). There are some big places in Brighton and Bournemouth that have a big range of ukuleles, but closer to us tucked away in Southampton there is a branch of Hobgoblin – the folk instrument specialist. They have a wonderful selection of unusual instruments not stocked by your average music shop, and a lovely collection of ukuleles.

I personally cannot imagine buying an important instrument without playing it first, so being able to get somewhere and try a few is a bonus. The staff are very helpful, so you can ask anything you might need to.

Here’s a link to their ukulele page so you can browse the selection, or their homepage http://www.hobgoblin.com

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