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Groove Workshop

Groove WorkshopAre you a musician who wishes they had better timing? Would you like to improve your knowledge of rhythm and tempo? The Igloo Music Groove Workshop could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The word ‘groove’ is often attributed to purely funk or disco music but any genre relies on the musician’s sense of timing and pulse to give it the distinct feel and sound that define each genre.  The Groove Workshop will take you on a rhythmic journey of discovery from the spaces between the notes, to strange time signatures and learning to sense the rhythm of music rather than count it. You will learn all about your inner pulse and how playing slightly before, exactly on, or slightly after the beat can have a huge effect on how your performance makes your audience feel.

Musicians are often described as having “a great feel” or playing “in the pocket” and these are phrases used to describe a player’s sense of time or rhythm.  This sense is inside every living creature as everything in life has a beat or rhythm.  Our breathing is rhythmic, as is our walking, talking and just about everything we do.  The Groove Workshop will train you to become very aware of pulse, beat and timing and how to sense the natural rhythm of the musicians around you as well as your own.

This workshop is NOT just for drummers as every musician or performer is responsible for good and consistent timing.  Players of any instrument, singers, soloists or band members will benefit from this course and it is open to all abilities, from total beginners to experienced musicians.  There are no minimum ability or experience requirements to attend.

The Groove Workshop will take place once a month, for 2 hours on a Saturday morning at Nevada Music in Portsmouth.  Please check the Igloo Music events calendar on the website for forthcoming dates.