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Guitar Workshop – Applied Music Theory for Guitar Soloing

Do you know your Dominant from your Major or your Dorian from your Aeolian? Have you heard the words or maybe you know the scales but are not sure how to use them? This Guitar Workshop – Applied Music Theory for Guitar Soloing from Igloo Music could be for you!

Hosted by UK session player and self-confessed music theory geek Chris Wood, this Guitar Workshop is packed full of useable information, tips and tricks to get you thinking about the notes and scales you use in your everyday playing. Many guitarists get easily bored of scales and scared of modes and therefore get trapped in the Pentatonic world. The Pentatonic scale is exceptionally useful in itself but can also unlock many other scales and positions on the fretboard and enable you to comfortably improvise and solo over any genre and key signature.

Using a variety of backing tracks, you will look at scales that fit over particular keys and touch on some odd shapes and patterns that defy the rules of music theory but work really well nonetheless – giving you the ‘out there’ sound that is usually the reserve of the jazz players!

We are confident that, having touched upon the theoretical side of playing, your appetite will be whetted and your journey through the maze of Modes, scales, patterns and chords will seem much less daunting and far more inspiring!

Simply bring your guitar, any pedals you like to use and an amplifier if you prefer (although we have a PA to put you through) and you’ll be all set. A pen and paper would be handy too although you will be able to take photos of Chris’ whiteboard as you go along.
No prior music theory knowledge is necessary, just a willingness to learn and a desire to progress. All standards of guitar players are welcome.

Tickets are now available and will sell fast so book yours today using the link below!

Town : Wickham
Venue : Igloo Music UK
Times : Tuesday 10th October 7pm – 8:30pm
Open to : Ages 16+
Cost : £20

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