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Information About Music Lessons For Children

January 24, 2016

Are you interested in music lessons for your child?

Giving children the opportunity to learn to play an instrument or sing can be a big decision for some families. We believe that music is a gift for life, and we do not pressurise children, but we do seek to inspire them with a love of the arts. With Igloo, your child can learn piano, ukulele, guitar or singing from a young age, bass guitar can be taught to any child big enough to hold one.

Here are some questions we get asked a lot by parents who are thinking about music lessons for their children.

How often should lessons be for my child?

Barney buying his first guitar, aged 6

For ages 6-11 we recommend weekly 30min lessons where possible, which can be paid for by the term. This frequency may not be possible for some families for a number of reasons, so we can facilitate twice monthly also for this age group. For ages 12 and above we recommend 60min lessons which can be weekly or twice monthly. Tuition fees vary depending on frequency and length. Contact us for details. If weekly is too often for your family, we can also offer 30min sessions twice monthly, and just advise that you are mindful of encouraging your child to play in between sessions. It is much more constructive to work with us on a pattern of lessons that suits your family routine, than to pressure everyone involved to get your child to a lesson every week, which may become a bind very quickly. If the routine is manageable, then you will all be able to stick to it for longer, and the student will end up with lasting skill, rather than a flash in the pan which amounts to very little in the long run. It has to be manageable for the parents and whole family, as well as the student.

How long are the lessons for children?

As mentioned above, we can offer 30min or 60min lessons for kids, and the age range is a guide there – if your child has a very good concentration span, or they are hooked on music and absolutely love it, they may find a 60min session manageable at a younger age.

Does my child have to do music exams?

Lessons are educational and fun with flexible content to suit each individual student. IF THE STUDENT wants to do exams as part of their program with us, we can facilitate that, however your tutor will discuss that with you, and whether its the right course of action at this time for your child. There are many ways of setting goals and objectives for development to facilitate improvement, as well as taking exams.

Can you teach me together with my child?

Yes we can – family learning is a great way to encourage both parties to play in between sessions and support each other. We can teach a parent or grandparent together with your child, and can be a lot of fun, keeping both of you motivated. This is best in 60min sessions.

Can you teach both my children together?

This is rarely as successful largely due to age gaps and the differing needs of growing children. In some circumstances this could work for your family, and we can book in a taster session to allow the tutor to assess whether a constructive program of learning is possible with your particular children. If not, we can do our best to schedule them together, so journies to us are minimised.

Do I have to pay by the term?

We can book you in for a taster session first to make sure your happy with the journey and like the tutoring style. After that, we do find it’s best for the families to schedule by the term or half term so we can fit in around your school timetables etc. We can also just schedule sessions in 6 or 10 session blocks.

Guitar Lessons for Children

Erin, Aged 8

Still have questions?

If you have any more questions do please get in touch to chat about your child and their needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Elena really enjoyed her first lesson – it was great that it wasn’t too serious and they just had fun learning new things”
Elena’s (age 13) Mum

“Natalie was really patient with Dexter – she’s a lovely tutor” Dexter’s (age 6) babysitter.

“Erin loves her lessons with Natt – they’re always laughing and she enjoys learning” Erin’s Dad, Tony

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