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Our group lessons are for everyone, no matter whether you’re starting as a complete novice or years on the stage.

We’ll match you with others that are at a similar level to you and together you’ll follow a pre-determined syllabus. This is a very popular, fun and cost effective way to learn a variety of skills complimentary to singing.

Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming event details.

A message from Dielle

“I have worked with singers of all ages and aspirations. From those who want to simply sing happy birthday to the family without breaking into a cold sweat to training people for a career in music. And everyone in between.

We all have a voice and we welcome novices, the incredibly shy and nervous as well as those with more experience and confidence. It’s fun, it’s not frightening and it will be something we guarantee you will love doing as you see (and hear) your confidence and skills progress. It’s never too early or too late to start singing.”