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From baby-singing to the Big Igloo Band – Hayley’s Igloo Journey.

September 8, 2015

I Never Realised How Beneficial Singing Can Be For Adults…

IMG_8399I have been teaching parents the importance of singing with babies as part of my job for years but never realised how beneficial it is for adults too.
When an offer popped up on Groupon for singing lessons, something I had always wanted to do but never had the confidence, my husband said go for it! For years he had said he loved to hear me sing.

Bravely, I signed up thinking “if I get there and hate it, I just won’t go back.” Nervously I waited for the course to start, wondering if I should prepare an audition song or scared that everyone else would be really good and I’d feel out of my depth.

I haven’t looked back since…..

My worries couldn’t have been further from the truth! I was welcomed by Dielle and had the best time! I haven’t looked back since…..

I now sing in the Igloo Choir and have co-written songs with the other the other members.  I am also one of 3 singers in the Igloo Band. It’s great fun and I really enjoy the performances and charity events we get to sing at.

Hayley in the paper

I have come a long way from being afraid to sing in front of my family and having an irrational fear of microphones, to singing solo. At the most recent Igloo annual show James Morgan from Express FM commented that he could see a massive improvement in my confidence from 3 years ago…WOW!

Mum of two..

As a mum of two young children, Igloo gives me a chance to have a hobby and some time for me but in turn my children are seeing me fighting my fears and striving to reach new goals. All skills I hope they go on to use, so they too can feel proud of themselves.”


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