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Maintaining Vocal Health for Public Speakers and Professional Voice Users

June 9, 2017

Maintaining Vocal Health Professional Voice Users

Vocal health and fitness is my speciality. I work with people of all walks of life to get the most out of their voices.

If you are a public speaker, teacher, trainer or coach, you are a professional voice user. I discover through my work that many people do not fully realise they are professional voice users. Our voices are often taken for granted, or even abused, without the speaker even releasing. Just a small amount of education can empower individuals to get more out of their voices that they ever knew was possible.

We have a masterclass designed to help you understand how to achieve and maintain vocal health. This covers issues such as

  • How to exercise your voice on an ongoing basis
  • How to warm up before a speaking engagement
  • General voice care
  • How to deal with illness and pressing engagements
  • Exploration of modulation within your voice

5 Basic Tips:-

  • If you have a pressing engagement and you have recently been, or are still, not in the greatest of health, this can be a concern. Natural remedies like honey and lemon, or lemon and ginger tea can help sooth symptoms and get through your presentation.
  • Learning to care for your voice on an ongoing basis can mean that you are less likely to suffer with things like scratchy or sore throat that can effect your presentation (and your health), you will recover vocally more quickly after illness, and working on vocal fitness can give you greater freedom of expression and stamina for public speaking (see free download below)
  • A simple warm up before an engagement can help you on your way (see free download below)
  • Regular exercises will improve your vocal health, tone, projection and control
  • A breathing exercise like this can help calm you before an engagement and improve your breath control. Breath also fuels the voice, adding richness to your tone.

    Keep and eye on the Igloo Calendar or the Voice Over Studio Facebook Page for events relating to public speaking training.

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