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Groove Masterclass for Bassists and Drummers

Igloo Music are proud to announce this amazing Groove Masterclass for Bassists and Drummers.

Lead by 2 of the UK’s busiest session musicians, drummer Konnor Bracher-Walsh and bassist Chris Wood, this masterclass is an opportunity for drummers and bass players to come together and talk all things groove!



The word ‘groove’ conjures up images of the disco and funk eras but that’s just part of the story. Just about anything can be groovy, genres from death metal to country rely on the complex interplay between the drums and bass to give the music it’s feel. Drummers and bassists work together to drive a song forward or hold it back, constantly underpinning each other’s role in the band and complementing each other’s playing, whilst leaving each other free to explore the techniques and expressions that give the drums and bass their unique voices.

Whether you are in the early stages of learning your instrument or you are looking to expand your musical vocabulary, this masterclass is just what you are looking for. It is aimed at musicians of all levels and even if you are not a drummer or bassist, many of the tips can be applied to any instruments in the band.

Konnor Bracher-Walsh

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Chris and Konnor will demonstrate the roles of their instruments and show you the tips and tricks they use everyday to create great rhythm parts. They will also invite guests to take part in some exercises to really push home the importance the bass/drum relationship.

This Groove Masterclass for Bassists and Drummers will be an invaluable opportunity to learn from 2 in-demand musicians and to take on-board some techniques and ideas that you will become your go-to tools every time you play.

Tickets are now available and will sell fast so book yours today using the link below!

Town : Wickham
Venue : Igloo Music UK
Times : Thursday 19th january 2017
Open to : Ages 16+
Cost : £26


Eventbrite - Groove Masterclass For Bassists and Drummers