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Here at Igloo Studios, we not only take care of all your musical and audio needs, we can also provide professional music video and photographic services too! Whether you have a completed track or you’re planning on recording one, why not book a video or photo shoot with us?

Our videographer is highly experienced, having worked for such institutions as the BBC and Sky and has shot professional music videos with the likes of Busted. We can advise on ideas for the shoot but are very happy for you to bring your own thoughts too as we want you leave with a music video and/or a photoshoot that you are wonderfully happy with.

Our videographer will liaise with you leading up to your booking so when the day arrives, everything is in place ready for you. This includes ideas on wardrobe, lighting, content and style.

Music Video

Your professional music video will consist of a single location shoot but can be in our studio or on a location close to us but that could be somewhere rural, industrial, agricultural or even by the sea! Our videographer has exceptional knowledge of the local area and can advise on locations if you are looking for something specific.

Your video could be a ‘performance’ shoot where you sing or play along to the track in front of the camera or ‘narrative/ style where you may, for instance, be walking through woodland whilst your track plays.

We can also add on an “artist teaser” interview video which is a short film of you answering interview questions so your fans can find out more about you. This can then be cut-in to your music video if rerquired.

As long as the filming can take place in one location, the possibilities are endless!


Similarly, your photoshoot will take place in one location, either in our studio or at a location close to us. Again, we can advise on locations if required and we can advise on style and content if necessary.

Our videographer has all the latest equipment needed to create and produce fantastic products including high-end cameras, industry-standard editing software and even green screens to put you in any setting! All you have to decide is what you are going to wear!

Prices include post editing, and the hire of the Igloo Studio space if you would like to have it here.


Photshoot, 1 day, single location £200

Single location, 1 day, music video shoot including editing – £399

Single location, 1 day, music video shoot, artist teaser interview video £489

Photoshoot & music video together, single location, 1 day – £529