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Peter Chinn

Private Ukulele Lessons 2

Private Ukulele Lessons

Our private ukulele lessons are tailored just for you based on your own goals.

We now offer private ukulele courses in our teaching rooms in Wickham, Hampshire, suitable for beginners but more advanced students as well, taught by our experienced tutor. 

Igloo Music UK - Hayling Ukulele Clubs on Meridian - private ukulele lessons

You’ll benefit from our one-on-one ukulele courses with our experienced tutor, who can provide instant feedback and plan the courses according to your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced ukulele player, our courses can offer fast progression, flexible content and personal direction. Some people like to have a few private ukulele lessons to cover some basics before they join a club (although it’s not required), and this option is open to all ages, whether you’re a child or an adult. You can choose the songs you learn and come at a time that suits you. We offer our private ukulele lessons in our headquarters in Wickham, Hampshire.

Private Ukulele Lessons are fun

Private ukulele lessons are fun, flexible and informative and are suitable for beginners and more advanced players. We play a range of styles of music to help you familiarise with the instrument, including fingerpicking and melodic styles for more experienced players. We can get you jamming quickly with some simple introductory songs and exercises for those just starting out. Learn to enjoy music quickly, regardless of your age, with our private ukulele lessons available both for kids and adults. Baritone, concert, soprano and bass private ukulele lessons are also available.

Town : Wickham, Hampshire
Venue : Igloo HQ
Times : 10 am – 10 pm Tues – Fri, 9 – 6.30 pm Saturdays subject to availability
Open to : Ages 18-98
Cost : £36 a lesson, £156 for package of 6*

*conditions apply